Market indicator hits extreme levels last seen before plunges in 1929, 2000 and 2008

The stock market is rallying to new highs, and its party time down in the midst of wall st. While the S&P 500 is reaching all-time highs on the excitement and optimism about Donald Trump getting in, some wall st analysts and strategists are getting increasingly worried about a widely followed indicator that has now […]

Will the Trump rally continue?

Retail investors typically pile into stocks in the fourth quarter, but are seasonals really enough to keep this skyrocketing market going? Since Donald Trump won the US elections, it seems lot of investors are jumping on the bandwagon here. But how much will that make a difference to the overall stock market. So far we […]

Why Bitcoin Could Rally To $2,000 in 2017

Bitcoin some analysts say is predicted to rise 165% to $2,000 in 2017 most assuredly driven by Trump’s ‘spending binge’ and also the dollar rally. If this does actually happen, it’s going to be driven by expectations that President Donald Trump could introduce a massive economic stimulus policy in 2017. He is already talking about […]

6 Day Trading Secrets for Beginners

As a day trader in the new market environment, and with a Trump presidency looming,  what you want to do is to look for scenarios where demand and supply are drastically imbalanced, and use those as your entry and exit points. What traders do not realise is that if supply is near the exact exhaustion […]

How To Become a Better Day Trader – 3 Things You Must Understand

Becoming a better day trader takes knowledge, skills and a never ending commitment to educating yourself on the ins and outs of this industry. If you are serious about becoming a better day trader, here are 3 things you must understand. #1 – Money Management All successful day traders know how to properly manage their […]

How To Become a Good Trader – 3 Rules For Successful Trading

While getting into the world of trading is easy, becoming a successful trader is not. The reality is, most people who set out on this path fail miserably. This is because very few understand the hard work and discipline that is required to succeed in the markets. If you are serious about becoming a good […]