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Types of shelves you need in a restaurant

Building a restaurant is a long-term process, because there are so many important aspects to be included in the project, and you have to be sure that at the end of the day you would look at it, and see it as your successful business. However, the hard part is not to design the plan […]

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How to choose the right heavy duty shelves supplier

Whether you are opening a new warehouse or you want to change the ones you already have because you feel they no longer cope with your needs, it is very important to choose a professional shelving UK supplier, just to be certain that you will have the best possible products. To this extent, one of […]

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Maximising floor space with the use of heavy duty shelves

Storage space represents an important issue, not only for people who seem to never have enough space in their garage for all their belongings, but also for businesses, whose expansion also means bigger storage needs. Warehouse managers are constantly faced with the problem of limited floor space, while stock grows and rapid order fulfilment becomes […]

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