logistics network

The importance of joining the right logistics network

If you have been in the transport business for some time now, then you probably know how difficult and challenging it can be to keep up with the competition. With so many big companies out there that can afford offering clients international shipping possibilities, keeping your own small business on track can seem more difficult […]

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Important info to know before joining a cargo network

Being a freight forwarder can be quite stressful in the present market, because you have to compete with multinationals when it comes to obtaining a contract. The majority of clients prefer to collaborate with a multinational, because it represents a brand, and it is considered more reliable than an independent freight forwarder. But being an […]

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The benefits of joining a logistics network

Being a freight forwarder these days is not as easy as some people may think, especially since over 50% of the market is dominated by multinational companies. Even potential collaborators are tempted to sign new contracts with established companies that have more credibility, over a smaller freight forwarder they have never heard of. This is […]

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