ethical gems

Choose the right way: opt for ethical gems

Nowadays, mass production has taken over. All products need to be done fast and at the lowest price possibly in order to make considerable profit. We live in a world where finding eco-friendly products, products that were made or purchased under ethical conditions is harder to come across. Diamonds and gemstones have always been desired […]

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Gemstones: ecological and socio-economic issues

Colored gemstones have been mined and used as adornments since ancient times. However, emeralds, sapphires, opals, rubies and all the other precious gems we mine are non-renewable resources, which means that geological deposits are finite and we will eventually no longer be able to extract them. The good news is that gemstones are very durable […]

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When in doubt, choose ethical gemstones

Whether you are buying jewellery for yourself or for others, or you want to buy crystals specimens to start a dedicated business, the first thing you should consider is causing the least damage possible to the environment. Even if you may think that a simple gem cannot cause any harm to the planet and your […]

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