ecole d’acteur

The elements of a good theatre school

Acting is a noble and highly popular career choice. However, throughout time, it has changed a lot and today, it is also a highly rewarding activity, financially speaking, when performed correctly. In order to become a complete and appreciated actor, proper studies are required. It is true that the world does not lack in acting […]

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Tips to become a well-known actor

With this explosion of movies, TV series and theatres in the world, many people want to become actors and to make their way through Hollywood or Broadway. However, becoming an actor is not as easy as many would think. It implies a lot of hard work, with many hours spent and nights wasted in order […]

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What does it take to become a successful actor?

When I grow up I want to be an actor! Ask a child what he wants to be in life and this job will definitely be among those of doctor, astronaut, musician and dancer. It’s not difficult to understand what makes an actor’s life so alluring to outsiders: they seem to be happy and glamorous […]

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