cargo network

Important info to know before joining a cargo network

Being a freight forwarder can be quite stressful in the present market, because you have to compete with multinationals when it comes to obtaining a contract. The majority of clients prefer to collaborate with a multinational, because it represents a brand, and it is considered more reliable than an independent freight forwarder. But being an […]

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Why so many companies join a freight network

Freight forwarders find difficult to achieve success in such a competitive domain, and they are always looking for a way of growing up. The best way to find new partners and progress in this domain is to join a freight network, which is usually a powerful alliance of companies from multiple locations. These organizations bring […]

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Logistics network – the key strategy for cargo handling

Transportation networks plays an important part not only in human mobility, but also in the exchange of goods and services. Conveying goods from one point to another is generally known as freight transportation. This type of transportation can include either road solutions or sea deliveries. More and more carriers are noticing the benefits of working […]

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