bull market

Is there a lightning speed’ stock market sell-off in August

With the recent bull market rally, market analysts are adamant that stock can continue to drive higher than we have ever seen in the history of the stock market. Is this true, have recent earnings been good enough to take us and soar past recent highs, or is this positivity just a house of straw […]

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Genius Stock Market Software Says Bull Market Not Done Yet

Chip Smith, A Leading Financial Market Analyst from http://sentiment-trader.blogspot.com SENTIMENT TRADER who called the rally from early November 2016 through early 2017 with his special stock market software is now giving another special kind of warning to his closely tied community. The last few months many pundits have been calling for the stock market to […]

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Will the stock market continue to rally in 2017?

Well there are many people talking up the market, and then there are other who say a catastrophic event is on the way very soon. There is accumulating evidence that the economy is very much strengthening, and if this is the truth, that could be very good for the economy and stocks in 2017. Although […]

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