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Choosing the perfect gemstone

If you decide that you want to get a new jewelry or you are looking for the best present for a special person, then choosing the perfect ring is a great idea. However, before venturing to buy the first thing that seems nice, there is some basic information you need to know about gemstones in […]

Sapphire ring buying guide for beginners

To begin with, gemstones are the perfect gift for any occasion, whether you are looking forward to make someone a beautiful present or to really impress that someone special with an engagement ring. Although emerald jewelry is a stunning piece to wear by those who like to literally glow due to the fact that emerald […]

What are the true benefits of cloud hosting solutions?

Given the advancement of technology, it is only fair to assume that it has infiltrated itself in all fields, including business. Well, this assumption is in fact true. Technology is omnipresent and it is in fact of a great importance in the field of business where it has made its presence felt through various means. […]

How to choose VPS hosting services for web-based businesses

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in opening a web-based business and it is understandable why they would want to take advantage of the increased web traffic. Many customers prefer to do their shopping online rather than visit a physical store, mainly because they have access to more products and they save a lot […]

What to expect from a guerrilla marketing agency

We are all accustomed to traditional marketing agencies and PR firms that seemed to be doing a great job in the past, until they didn’t anymore and everyone was left wondering why. The truth of the matter is that times have changed and with them a new form of agencies was developed in order to […]

Experiential marketing and its benefits

Companies that want to determine customers to experience their brand and form an emotional connection with it, often resort to working with an experiential marketing agency, as this form of marketing has proven to be very effective in the past few years. Traditional advertising (television, radio and print) only informs consumers of the benefits of […]

Ritu Kumar: Dressing Up the Rich & Famous

As a fashion designer Ritu Kumar needs no introduction. She has dressed the biggest Bollywood stars, the most famous celebrities and the most stylish royals including the late Princess Diana. Ritu Kumar is one of India’s foremost designers, who has developed a unique style of her own. With a background in an art history and […]