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When in doubt, choose ethical gemstones

Whether you are buying jewellery for yourself or for others, or you want to buy crystals specimens to start a dedicated business, the first thing you should consider is causing the least damage possible to the environment. Even if you may think that a simple gem cannot cause any harm to the planet and your […]

Three good reasons to buy gems online

If some time ago gemstones were seen as nothing more than enchanting decorations worn by the rich and famous, today they are widely perceived as real investments. This would be one way of explaining the high level of interest manifested towards the dedicated market. Indeed these days, people in a greater number are looking to […]

Popular gemstones that will always be fashionable

Whether you have your own jewellery business and you are interested in buying gemstones that are very popular these days or you want to buy jewellery items for yourself and you want to make sure they will not go out of fashion in a few years, there are many beautiful gemstones for sale that you […]

Natural gemstones are the only reliable investment

Everyone is very familiar with them and they have been here for centuries: gems. When the ordinary person thinks of valuable gems, the first examples that pop into our minds are rubies, sapphires, jades and so on. These natural stones not only priceless and can last up to a lifetime, but the precious stones are […]

HMH Puts Digital Technology at the Heart of Customer Experience

In a complicated and competitive digital marketplace, HMH – Hospitality Management Holdings continues to optimize and enhance its digital capability to provide travellers wider online and mobile access. Integrating compelling features and content such as fabulous new photographs, the group’s website provides guests with direct access to live rates and availability that in turn drivers […]