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An Amazing New Novelist On The Rise!

For Immediate Release “Ultimate Destiny: Women Rise and Take Your Place!” By Joslyn McGhee Is Now Available At July 13, 2015. “Ultimate Destiny: Women Rise and Take Your Place!” is a book created by budding novelist, Joslyn McGhee. It is now available for purchase at the most popular online shopping site “Ultimate Destiny” […]

Why bother reading the latest news on Southern Africa?

The modern world is in a continuous change. Stability around the world is still an ideal concept, one that all countries are striving to achieve. The problem is not that states are constantly moving and changing, but the fact that any modification is felt in all corners of the world. This is, actually, what globalization […]

How social media emerged as the alternative to news channels

In the age of information, where everything is interconnected and it takes seconds for news to travel from one part of the world to another, one might imagine that getting accurate data is really simple. However, ubiquitous information doesn’t guarantee accuracy. Besides, the way people get their news has changed. We no longer rely as […]

How to maintain an objective opinion about South Africa news

Considering the political instability on the African continent, those who want to stay informed and understand the real situation, without being influenced by someone or another will need to do some research and avoid the traditional media centers. Often times, just by watching TV you do not get the full extent of the South Africa […]

Innovative ways to keep in touch with the latest news

At present, the development of technology has completely revolutionized the way in which information is broadcasted. Gone are the days when editorial content was published in print. The Internet has certainly made it easier to spread around the latest news so that people can always be perfectly informed about what is happening in other corners […]

Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Dubai launches amazing vacation packages

The Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel, Dubai, has launched a series of vacation packages to help visitors as well as residents of the UAE explore Dubai like never before. Offering convenience, exclusive features, and great savings, the packages ensure a special getaway, dining out, and the option to see the emirate’s most spectacular attractions in […]