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Is there a lightning speed’ stock market sell-off in August

With the recent bull market rally, market analysts are adamant that stock can continue to drive higher than we have ever seen in the history of the stock market. Is this true, have recent earnings been good enough to take us and soar past recent highs, or is this positivity just a house of straw […]

How To Become An Expert Trader – Part 2 (5 Things You Must Understand)

If you haven’t done so already be sure to read part one of our “How To Become An Expert Trader” series of articles. In it you will learn the 4 very key things every beginner should know before they start trading. In this article, which is part two of the series, we are going to […]

How To Become an Expert Trader – Part 1 (4 Tips For The Complete Beginners)

Investing in the stock market can prove to be one of the most rewarding things you could ever do. Just look at Warren Buffet. Over the course of several years he was able to turn himself into one of the most successful investors in the world. What most people fail to realize is Warren Buffet […]

Alooma Provides Real-Time Data Pipelines to Google Cloud SQL and BigQuery

Google Cloud Platform Partner Enables Continuous Streaming, Transformation, and Enrichment of Any Data Source SAN FRANCISCO, March 9, 2017 — Alooma, the modern data pipeline company, today announced the integration of the Alooma service with Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL and Google Cloud SQL for MySQL. Support for these new Google Cloud services enables data […]

Where to Invest in 2017

With a Trump win, and the market in skyrocket mode, many investors are now starting to see the positives to seeing Trump being the commander in chief and President of the United States. Although some people are still in shock, Trump supporters keep saying he is a businessman and he will try to make America […]

Pope Protests Polarization, Brexit, Walls to Keep Out Illegals and Plans to Export Alien Criminals

“[Trump’s] victory, this summer’s Brexit vote and the growing popularity of nationalist movements across Europe have raised grave concerns…at the Vatican” (USA Today). The pope seems to want a worldwide melting pot of cultures and religions that are causing chaos and confusion in Europe as a warning to America before we are tolerant of everything and everybody. […]


Kit Makes Mental Math a Fun Game — And Improves Their Skills New York, USA – October 30th, 2016 – Math can be seen as a difficult, even boring subject for many children—but Pradeep Kumar’s company, Magical Methods, has introduced a new training kit that is set to change this negative preconception of a vital […]

Microsoft Office App Award Nominee ELEARNINGFORCE to Present at Microsoft Ignite

The company behind award-winning LMS365® is again nominated for the Annual Office App Awards and has been selected as a finalist for the People’s Choice Award. The company will be presenting at Microsoft Ignite. ELEARNINGFORCE International has been selected to showcase its Office 365 and SharePoint-based Learning Management System (LMS365®) at MS Ignite, Microsoft’s biggest […]

Immersion Technology Services is Now a Co-Owner of ELEARNINGFORCE International

Immersion Technology Services and ELEARNINGFORCE International Advance Partnership to Meet Global Demand Immersion Technology Services (ITS) is excited to announce a purchase in the Danish company ELEARNINGFORCE International, the software provider behind LMS365. Along with this purchase Immersion Technology Services will be moving all of its Learning Management operations under the brand ELEARNINGFORCE, while Identity […]

How To Become a Good Trader – 3 Rules For Successful Trading

While getting into the world of trading is easy, becoming a successful trader is not. The reality is, most people who set out on this path fail miserably. This is because very few understand the hard work and discipline that is required to succeed in the markets. If you are serious about becoming a good […]