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New properties – the future of Algarve real estate

Thanks to its international airports and blooming touristic sector, Portugal has become one of the most popular destinations for other Europeans, and regions such as the Algarve witness a never before seen evolution of the real estate sector. Some are looking for houses for sale in Algarve to spend their holidays there, while others are […]

Guide to buying a home abroad

People who desire to make their dream come true an own properties overseas are frequently prevented to do so because of the legal system. No matter what decisions you make in life, you should carefully reflect upon all the implications and not make rash decisions. Ignorance is the reason why many people end up losing […]

What to look for when visiting a house you are about to buy

If you have decided to buy a holiday house, you probably look for a property in a beautiful destination where you can retreat every time you want to get away from the stress at home. However, buying a house is always more complicated than it seems and this purchase decision should always be done with […]

Traditional Chinese medicine solutions for the modern individual

It is no news to anyone that the world of medicine has grown significantly in last 20 years, bringing forward solutions to painful afflictions that have bothering individuals. It is true that today’s world is one in which pills have the last say, as there is one for any type of pain you might be […]

Liver qi stagnation effects on the overall health

In clinical practice, doctors frequently encounter patients suffering liver syndromes and the fact is that liver disorders are directly responsible for most modern illnesses. The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body because is directly responsible for the flow of energy, in other words the qi, and the range of […]

Take care of your health with Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine has a history of more than 2000 years, but in spite of this, some people still consider it the key to a healthy body and spirit. This is due to the fact that it represents a unique system for diagnosing and curing various types of illnesses, completely different from traditional Western medicine. The […]

What can alternative medicine do for you?

Traditional Chinese medicine, also known as TCM, has been offering people alternative treatments for about 3000 years and its results seem to be acknowledged by more and more people. Ages ago, ancient practitioners have come up with a complex system that can diagnose and cure many different diseases, based only on the connection and equilibrium […]

Why should you choose assisted living for your senior?

The concept of assisted living for seniors has been around for many years, but while ages ago this meant that the person in need had to move to an asylum, nowadays things have changed. The idea appeared initially in the 1990s, through nursery houses and permanent medical facilities, which were dedicated to people who did […]

Herbal Chinese medicine: an efficient treatment for various diseases

Chinese medicine has become extremely popular in the past years, even if its techniques have been used for thousands of years. Patients and even doctors all around the world have started to understand its positive effects, which is why it has become the ideal alternative to traditional medicine. In order to provide help and cure […]

Impact of Chinese medicine on cardiovascular health

Although many people are afraid of cancer, the truth is that heart disease is the number one killer in the world. The issue is that many fail to take care of their cardiovascular health and thus are more prone to developing conditions such as hypertension, coronary heart disease or heart attacks. The reason why heart […]