All men should know their skin type; here’s why:

We all care about the wellness of our skin, especially the one on our face, and most recently men have become involved and interested in the well-being of their face skin more than they were before. While the interest in raising, a matter is still unclear. Many men are clueless when it comes to their skin type. Of course, they may observe that their face has a pimple or two. But after all, why does it matter to know what skin type you have?! Well, it matters a lot, because based on it, you can identify your skin’s needs. And based on those, you can identify the products that suit your skin’s issues. But below you will find more information on various skin types and why knowing yours is important.

There are four main types of skin
If you want to buy a men’s face wash, well, you have to first identify your skin type. Luckily, there are four main categories, and narrowing it down should be easy.
• Dry or Oily;
• Resistant or Sensitive;
• Wrinkled or Non-wrinkled;
• Pigmented or Non-Pigmented.
These are the main four categories of skin types. Men should identify their skin type before ordering any kind of skincare products, to be sure that their skin’s needs and identify the right kind of products and ingredients that have to be added or extracted from their skin care routines.

What does oily skin need?
Oily skin is mainly characterized by large pores and an excessive sebum production. The enlarged pores oftentimes cause blackheads and pimples. In this case, a face scrub to get rid of dirt and oil from the pores is necessary. Otherwise, inflammation will appear and will cause furthermore skin issues. Make sure to also include a light moisturizer.

What does dry skin need?
If your face feels tight after cleansing, you are the happy “owner” of a dry skin type! This means that you have to moisturize deeply and retain moisture. If you don’t coordinate your routine with your skin type, you will end up with plenty of dry patches on your face, and you certainly want to avoid this.

Sun-damaged skin needs a different approach
If you have pigmentation issues, you might suffer from sun damage. Beside urgently including an SPF moisturizer into your routine, you have to find a treatment for your pigmentation spots. A glycolic acid toner would work amazingly, in this case. Make sure to search for an SPF 50+ moisturizer, as you want to prevent further damage.

Sensitive skin needs delicate products
Characterized by a delicate skin, with small pores, this type of skin needs some incredibly delicate products. Because it is predisposed to rashes and changes when weather changes appear, this skin type has to receive plenty of moisture and appropriate treatment for affections such as eczema and psoriasis.

Products that are suitable for each skin type have to be purchased and implemented by everybody in their routines, for appropriate care. Otherwise, a sensitive skin might be damaged, and skin with other severe conditions, poorly treated.

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