Did you rent a boiler? Learn more about inspection and maintenance

During the winter season, burst pipes and non-functioning boilers represents common problems among homeowners. The worst part is that at least one of these unfortunate events happens at the most inopportune moment, such as in the coldest day of the year or during Christmas, when the entire family comes to visit you. Obviously, the last thing you want to deal with in any winter day is a broken down boiler. In order to avoid such an inconvenient episode, you need to become familiar with two important factors closely related to boilers, namely inspection and maintenance. First, you should know that inspection, in comparison to maintenance, is mandatory. The law practically forces you to perform regular boiler inspections. Since you thought about boiler rental, you took a big responsibility that you cannot deny at this point. In fact, if you think about it, inspections are a good thing because give you the possibility to detect potential issues before even occurring. In what concerns maintenance, it reduces the chances of replacement significantly.

First, you have to determine the type of boiler you are currently using. Understanding the complex system behind this water-heating appliance might prove to be quite difficult if you are not a specialist. Because of this, contacting a professional represents the smartest move that you can do in this case. However, knowing at least the basics in terms of boiler functioning and failure might help you figure out what you need to check when analyzing a boiler. In order to function properly and safely, this appliance has specific devices that you should be able to recognize. Common elements involve pumps, valves, insulation, pressure gauges and steam traps. Valves allow the control over hot water and steam, pump failure could result in the shutdown of an important process for the boiler proper functioning, loose or damaged insulation can lead to significant financial loss. Pressure gauge must operate perfectly; otherwise, you will have to replace it immediately. A steam trap has the role of removing condensate air while impeding live steam loss. Shortly, during a boiler inspection, you need to check all these components in order to make sure that everything works smoothly.

In what concerns the maintenance of rental boilers, you need to develop a routine consisting in focusing your attention solely on this heating appliance. If you do not want to live and sleep in a freezing cold house during winter, then you will have to check the air vents and flues for blockage. You need to follow this step if you have a gas boiler. The blockage usually appears because of dirt accumulated over time. Cleaning them is the only solution to ensure that your boiler works properly during winter. You should not let more than a few night pass before you check the water level of your boiler. A boiler cannot operate without water because this can lead to irreversible damage so make sure that it always has the required quantity of water. Lubrication, leaks and de-scaling are other problems that you need to prevent during maintenance.

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