Guide to preparing your child for pre-kindergarten

If you thought that potty training was difficult, wait until you need to prepare your toddler for preschool. Even if you have the most social child, as soon as you reach the chosen facility, you will not succeed to come back at home alone, at least not in the first day. You will become a tree and your bundle of joy will transform into a little monkey clinging to you with all her strength while begging you not to leave her there. All your love as a parent will surface and you will not resist the temptation of listening to your child’s request. Sooner than you know, you will find yourself facing a dilemma: should you start taking your toddler to pre-school now or should you wait longer? Do not fool yourself, if your precious child has the right age, then waiting will not do anything good. In fact, it will just worsen the situation because you will never manage to teach him about independency.

You do not have to convince yourself or your child about the necessity of going to pre-school. What you need is a tactic or a plan that will help him embrace this normal stage. Tell your toddler about the great side of pre-kindergarten while engaging in playful activities. The most important thing is for you to get comfortable with the idea because otherwise, you will transmit all the negativity to him. Once you both manage to accept the process, you should start looking a suitable Zug childcare for his needs. Make sure that you examine the facility personally and you inquire about the implemented development programs. Moreover, take your toddler with you so that you introduce him to the new environment properly and spend a few hours there together. This will help him become familiar with the surrounding and the staff.

Next, you have to make sure that your child understands his own schedule. Discuss with him about outdoor play, meals, sleeping time and more. You can also create a special moment just between two of you each time you have to say goodbye. You can ask for a kiss on each cheek before entering the facility or a hug for every hour spent away from each other. Do not attempt making a disappearing act because you could scare your already nervous toddler. He wants to know that you will always be there for him, not see you disappearing when he most needs your presence. You can tell him that you must go to work and he must stay at Zug pre-kindergarten, but you will reunite again after several hours.

You can let him keep his favorite toy or other special items that bring him comfort and help him experience the unique home atmosphere. During your goodbye moment, you can tell him that his precious blanket or toy will keep him company until you return. If your toddler has certain allergies, you have to inform the staff at the facility so that they can offer him the proper environment. Since the first day, you must give your contact details, just in case. Do not leave your child there without providing him with everything he needs during the stay.

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