Everything you need to know about nursery and kindergarten

When your child is about to start nursery and kindergarten, the whole family goes through an emotional period due to the fact that you all start to realise that your child is growing, is no longer a newborn baby, and can start thinking on his own. And because you cannot stop the growing process of your child, it is better to just accept the fact that he will not be a little baby forever. Moreover, before taking your child to nursery or kindergarten, you first need to help him be prepared for this new experience in his life. After all, he is starting a brand new chapter in his life, and you need to provide all the support he needs. In other words, school and preschool play an important role in every child’s life and the school’s impact on children will for sure show you the results later. Anyway, even if there are not so many people who know this, differences between nursery and kindergarten really exist, and if you want to know more about these two types of preschool, then just keep on reading.

Even though nursery and kindergarten are kind of the same thing, there is still a little difference between the two because they both are a preschool, more or less. Usually, it is said that children from three to five years go to nursery, while Zug kindergarten is for the 6 years-old children thus, denoting the first year of schooling. Anyway, keep in mind that nursery and kindergarten can mean exactly the same thing in some countries, but in most of the cases, nursery and kindergarten are different. As a matter of fact, Zug kindergarten comes from the first German institution for children which was created in the year 1837 by Friedrich Frobel. Zug nursery is followed by kindergarten, which is later followed by the first grade of school. Moreover, some nurseries can even admit children from three months old up to five years old, so think about Infant Handling if you have a job but nobody to watch for your baby. Anyway, whether your child is preparing for nursery or kindergarten, you should let things run their course because these two types of preschool will help your child develop imagination, improve his speaking abilities, make friends, and last but certainly not least, interact with other children his age.

When it comes to kindergarten, children will have the possibility to learn the basics of reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and the list can go on. Practically, kindergarten is your child’s first encounter with reality as it prepares him for what comes next. Thus, the role of the kindergarten is to prepare your child for the first grade, while the role of the nursery is to help your child have as much fun as he wants. Moreover, nursery and kindergarten can sometimes be available on weekends too, so if you are busy working on Saturdays and Sundays, then these two places are the right thing for you.

Finally, if you are interested in finding out more about Zug kindergarten and Zug nursery and how they can be beneficial for your child, then please check out these links!

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