How does particle size affect product quality?

Food, pharmaceuticals, the construction industry and even the paint industry, these all are based and develop their products on a rather complex process of analysing the particle size of various compounds in the products themselves. These tend to have a higher quality if their particle size is appropriate. The particle size influences the products’ texture, abortion rates, fluidity and overall quality, thus it is important for all manufacturers in mainly all industries to invest in particle size analysis services. This will allow those manufacturing companies to increase client’s satisfaction with the products and the company itself. But below are some simple reasons for which this matter is highly important in so many manufacturing industries.

The food industry
The food industry is one of those industries highly reliant on this type of analysis, because it influences the taste, texture and overall quality of the products. In fact, in a recent research, specialists recommended food manufacturing companies to put increasing efforts in this matter. In the food industry, there are particles varying in size and shape from in a variety of products, from powders to emulsions. The quality of these products is influenced highly by the shape and size of the particles, because this influences the texture, taste and granulation. Also, another important thing that must be taken into account is the stability of these particles, being possible only if the size of these particles is perfect.

Also, the size of the particles influences how good the food behaves during processing, being highly important when it comes to cream, butter and so on.

The pharmaceutical industry
Particle size characterization is also highly important in the pharmaceutical industry, which makes manufacturing companies to pay increased attention and to put continuous efforts into improving this trait of their products. Particle size and characterization is highly important in the pharmaceutical industry because the quality control and dosage of various medication are highly reliant on these matters. Dosage and absorption are highly influenced by particle size, because the dissolution, content uniformity and stability are influenced by it. Safety and efficacy matters are also highly influenced by the particles in the products and their traits. Also, it’s worth mentioning that this step is present throughout the entire manufacturing process, as a safety measure.

The paint and liquid coating industry
As you may have guessed, the particle size is present in the manufacturing industry of paints and liquid coats as well. The quality of all paints on the market is highly influenced by the size and distribution of the particles, and a variety of properties of these liquid coats are influenced by particle size: viscosity, stability, flocculation, hiding/transparency, hue/tint Strength, gloss/flatting and film appearance and weather resistance. All these, as you may have guessed, these influence greatly the overall quality of a paint or liquid coat. Particle size and dispersion influence these matters and this is one of the reasons for which manufacturing companies choose the services of dedicated laboratories in the industry.

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