Tips to prepare your child for kindergarten

If you are a parent and you want to enroll your children to kindergarten in the future, then you should try to understand why this transition can be difficult for them. Children consider their parents as their main source of security and when they have to spend the majority of their time in a new place they become anxious. When you send your children to kindergarten you ask them to leave the house and the secure place they are accustomed with and because they face a great unknown they do not feel comfortable. In case your children were in day care before you enroll them to kindergarten, they will still have to face new challenges and this is why it is so important to help them get accustomed with this idea. They will have to spend their time with many children and few adults , and they will have to share the playground, bathroom and the other spaces.

The first thing you have to do when you plan to enroll your children to kindergarten is to talk with them about the changes that are about to come. If they attended Zug childcare then they will not be so stressed out as the ones who stayed home until now. You should talk with the teachers and ask them about the routines they include in the children’s programs, because it is important to talk with them about the changes they will have to face. You can apply these changes at home, so in time they get accustomed with them. Also, do not forget to ask your children what they expect from the kindergarten, before you choose one for them. Ask them what their greatest fears are, and discuss with the teachers about these aspects. When you first meet the teacher you should offer them a document with key information about your children. It is important to tell them if your little ones have allergies, medical conditions and if they do not like a certain activity or game, because in this way you help your children get accustomed with the Zug pre-kindergarten.

A few days before the classes start, you should take your children to the kindergarten, because it is important they to meet the teacher. Take them to the classroom, washroom and playground. Make sure that the kindergarten you choose offers you the possibility to visit the location a few days before the classes start, because some of them do not offer orientation. You can offer your children an object from home to take with them on their first day at kindergarten, because it will make them feel secure in the new space. You an offer them their favorite stuffed animal, or a picture they like. Also they can take their favorite shirt, even if this one is not the most appropriate clothing item to get dressed when they go to the kindergarten. Also, you should check the logistics, because you should know if there are some special procedures you have to follow if you want to ask someone else to pick up your little one from school.

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