Main benefits of using live chat in call centers

The growth in technology influences significantly customer’s expectations and call centers must double their work in order to satisfy higher standards and requirements. Maintaining a safe position on the market and remaining on top of the competition means being up to date with the latest trends and innovations. “Live chat” represents one of those trends that have revolutionized the customer service market. Call centers worldwide already use phones, emails, video calls and remote sharing, among others. Nevertheless, these methods are simply not enough nowadays and call center managers find themselves in a delicate situation. Worrying does not help but incorporating live chat in their system does. Live chat represents the much-needed answer that has the power to bring success by taking the customer service experience to another level because it ensures prompt and useful responses. Part from this basic advantage, Live chat provides many other benefits.

Giving customers the gift of convenience is the most beneficial decision for any call center because nothing makes them happier than a quick response. Reducing the time consuming and unpleasant process of reaching the agent will impede frustration to interfere in building a positive relationship with the customer. By using live chat services, the call center will instantly overcome this obstacle and provide transparency. Generally, the customer does not receive a recording of the conversation had with the agent over the phone. Even though call centers send through mail the summary of the call, it is possible for the agent to forget mentioning something important for the customer. In this type of case, the customer has to make another call and inform the agent about the specific information he must include in the summary, which obviously leads to a negative customer experience. Live chat software solves this problem as well by giving the customer the opportunity to receive a transcript of the conversation or interaction.

Customers are not the only ones who can benefit from outsourced and managed live chat service. Call center agents or representatives no longer have to address each customer in turn, thus allowing multi-tasking and increasing overall productivity. The operating cost is one of the major concerns of each business that has customer services on its priorities list. The call management is no different because it constantly seeks ways to reduce the operating cost while maintaining or even improving the quality of the service. Live chat makes this objective more tangible because it helps the call center cut expenses of both telecom services and the number of employees, thanks to the multi-tasking advantage, which improves the productivity of call center agents, thus ensuring more sales. Live chats can increase the sales of any product or service, this is clear. In addition, by making a list with the number of visitors on the contact center website, agents have the possibility to initiate a conversation with a specific customer by using live chat features including “Auto chat” and “Proactive trigger”. This increases the chances for the customer to purchase the service or product. With telecom support, this option is impossible.

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