Trending costumes for this year’s Halloween

Halloween, the short form for All Hallows’ Evening, is the holiday celebrated in the last weekend of October. Although it has a great history behind, nowadays it is best known for trick or treating and costume parties organized all around the world, where people are given the possibility to dress up and become whatever they want. Initially, the tradition was kept only in few countries, but Halloween has spread and is currently one of the major worldwide celebration of autumn. People used to wear the scariest costumes as they believed this will scare away negative spirits, but in time, things changed and people became more and more creative. Each year, new tendencies appear and everyone is trying to get the most original outfit, inspired by international events and cultural trends. From politics, to animations and movies, all these are the starting point for the most creative attire that will gain everyone’s attention and, why not, even “ evening’s best costume” title.

So, if you are searching for inspiration for next week’s party, rest assured you will not be running out of option. While last year, when attending festa in maschera, you could expect woman to wear Harley Quinn costumes, because of the extremely anticipated Suicide Squad movie, it seems that this year superhero costumes are still going strong, especially for female individuals. Even if Diana Prince has always been a leading seasonal option in anyone’s top, after the huge success of the Wonder Woman movie that aired this summer, this will be, without any doubt, a must have of Halloween 2017. Male superheroes are not to be neglected either, because of course Batman, Superman, Spiderman or even The Joker (a villain, actually) are classics that will never get out of style even when it comes to costumi carnevale neonati. However, apparently, TV series are much more influential this year. Among these, Stranger Things or Game of Thrones seem to be the most trending, so if you choose to wear an outfit inspired by one of the main characters from these two series, you will definitely win the costume game. It is understandable that these may take a bit of effort to be put together, as they require purchasing certain pieces of clothing you would normally not war or find in traditional garment stores, but in the end it will all be worth it.

Speaking of movies, there is one more character, both scary – to keep the Halloween spirit alive, and popular – to keep up with current trends, that you should try this year: Pennywise Clown costume. The IT movie aired recently and it is one of the best dramas of the year so far. And since it is definitely frightening and actual, the scary clown will be a great choice if you are attending any festa in maschera this Halloween. What is more, it can be easily found in dedicated stores or improvised with clothes you have at home. You just have to wear a yellow overall and blue shirt, then add a clown wig and you are good to go treat or treating.

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