How to use job boards effectively

Competition is fierce on job boards, but with some tips and tricks you can easily deter the competition, stand out and get the job that you’ll love. The common perception that finding a job via a job board is difficult caused by the increasing number of individuals who have no idea on how to use amazing platforms to their advantage. Below we have some great tips and tricks for all job-seekers that want to make the most out of these directories.

1. Pick the job board carefully
It all begins with a reliable job board. Since there are many alternatives available on the market, you must work your way through them and decide which one of those is worth your attention. A directory like will certainly increase your chances of getting the position of your dreams, because the companies who use it for finding new employees are numerous. Also, reliable job boards are very likely to post jobs from various industries, being like a central database of jobs. This is maybe the most important aspect for a job board: to provide solutions for all job-seekers. Search for a directory able to do this.

2. Understand the process
All CVs will be read without a doubt by software products that will determine the suitability of each candidate for a given job. The system is based on keywords, and the job description is a great place for you to start searching for such elements. For instance, if you find several administrative jobs in which you are interested, read the job description, and try to adapt your CV in order to fit that description even more. The system will detect the keywords used by you and will send it for further examination. Many CVs, due to the fact that they are poorly written, don’t even make it past this step.

3. Grammar and spelling
Many applicants are rejected because, although their CVs include some essential keywords, the rest of the CV is written in a sloppy manner. Never compromise quality over speed, and don’t forget to double check your grammar and spelling. Employers want to know that you are indeed attentive to details, not only that you are good at claiming this.

4. Respect the limitations
You might be able to present a fancy CV in a face-to-face meeting, but for online job boards, pick a plain and simple looking CV. Graphics, tables of content or images are to be avoided in such situations. A simple CV that is following international editing rules should be just perfect.

5. Follow the advice of the job board
Since so many job boards offer incredibly useful advice in terms of how you could edit the CV so it has more success, simply follow those. Don’t shoot yourself in the leg by designing another CV type since this may not be useful at all in your situation.

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