Halloween traditions to tell your kid beforehand

Halloween is one of the most expected holidays of the year. Both children and adults are excited to start decorating their houses and gardens according to the newest trends. Halloween is now a reason to party until the sun comes out and wander around dressed up in the creepiest costume on the market, but no one knows the intricacies of this subject or how the notion of Halloween appeared. This article is meant to present some of the stories behind Halloween that everyone should know. Kids need to understand why they need to dress up on this holiday and which is the significance of the decoration s they see all around.

Sculpting the pumpkin, also called the jack-o’-lantern comes from the well-known legend of saints modelling candlesticks or other objects to illuminate the souls caught up in purgatory. Several objects such as the pumpkin were traditionally used in Ireland and Scotland. The American tradition of carving pumpkins has been certified since 1830 and was originally associated with the harvest time. The end of the nineteenth century has bring the meaning of harvest time and New Year to the Halloween holiday. Costumes are the main focal point of this holiday and there is a lot to say about them.

This custom is still kept nowadays, when everyone – both kids with difraces baratos and adults – are walking costumed down the street, looking for houses to trick or treat. Wearing costumes that depict supernatural figures became something popular nowadays but not many people know what they are wearing costumes for in this special, spooky night. On Halloween, ghosts and spirits seemed to be wandering around the cities and haunting people that came into their path. In order to avoid that, people started walking around and leaving their homes in scary costumes so they can go unnoticed down the street. Even if Halloween is no longer a very religious holiday, people are having a lot of fun celebrating it and decorating their houses so the ambiance sets in. Adults buy disfraces para adultos so they can match their little ones while they are going wandering around. Plus, it makes such a great theme for a family photo that no one can stay away.

Before Halloween, there was Samhain. Samhain was a very religious holiday that corresponds with the Day of the Dead holiday. Basically, the Samhain had no specific date when it was celebrated but it was calculated at the 8th full moon after the spring equinox. The Celtic legends say that the barrier between the good and the evil world (so called hell and heaven) was breakable during this time and people could reach the underworld and meet whatever creatures might be in both sides. Plus, the time is supposed to stop for two days and everyone would be stuck in between the worlds. The Celtic people consider this moment their New Year’s Eve. The Samhain is the origin of snap apple traditional Halloween party game, also called apple bobbing.

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