Various applications for particle size analysis

Particle size analysis is a technical procedure that is commonly used to figure out the size of particles, whether in liquid or powder samples. If you are like most people, then until this point you have not even heard about particle size measurement. What you need to know is that this scientific method has a wide range of applications. As a matter of fact, you will not even believe the extent to which it is used. Determining the size of particles in a sample is useful in many industries, such as pharmaceutical, mechanical, and medical. However, in this article, we are not going to discuss about industries. We are going to take a close look at the main particle size characterization applications.

To begin with, not that many people are aware of the fact that particle size analysis is frequently used in order to establish the efficacy of asthma puffers. Asthma puffers are nothing more than medical devices which are meant to deliver medication to the human body, by way of the lungs. According to a great many studies, those who suffer from this medical condition do not utilize the inhalers they are prescribed according to directions, which is the reason why more often than not the devices are not effective, the degree of efficacy varying from one user to the other. What particle size characterization does is provide knowledge regarding the drug deposits in the lungs. To be more precise, researchers are able to find out whether the asthma puffer delivers the right quantity of medication.

In the second place, the technical procedure is of great use when it comes to determining the performance of pigments, in other words, paint. The size of the pigments that are used in paint and even inks is relevant due to the fact that it affects look as well as functionality. Measuring the size of the pigment particle helps see if the final product is indeed successful. If you did not know by now, keep in mind that the contrariness between hues is determined by the size of the pigment particles and their distribution. Thanks to particle size analysis, you get beautifully coloured paint.

Finally yet importantly, particle size analysis is of great significance when it comes to ensuring road safety. But how can this be? Well, experts are required to see if the road surface has reflection properties. The road surface should emit light in order to inform oncoming drivers that there is a risk ahead. Fi there are any impurities found in the surface, then it is safe to say that the road surface is anything but reflective. With particle size characterization, professionals determine how clear and visible the markings on the road are, making sure that traffic participants enjoy a high degree of safety.

It is needless to say that these are not the only utilizations worth mentioning. But they certainly are the most interesting ones. Regardless of the industry that you are activating in, at some point or another you will have to resort to science.

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