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In terms of touristic activities, there seems to be a certain trend: backpacking through Southeast Asia. In the past few years, travellers turned their attention to more exotic locations for a series of reasons. Many choose such destinations to feel closer to nature and their inner selves. Countries in Southeast Asia are well-known for their accentuated spiritual and cultural heritage, thus many choose such locations as an opportunity to meditate more and disconnect from their day-to-day lives. As a result, the backpack trail in these countries is well-worn. Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia are some of the most popular destinations in the area. But in recent years, individuals seem to become increasingly fascinated with China as well. This way, the point of interest is migrating north of Southeast Asia. Of course, in order to reach these countries, it is necessary to get a tourist visa. An increased demand has been registered for China tourist Visa passes. But more about organizing an incursion of this kind, you will find below.
1. In most of these destinations, you will need a Visa Tourist visas are those documents usually required for citizens of different countries if they want to tour, visit places, backpack or even visit friends on the territory of another country. These visas are usually issued for an interval of 60 days. In China, in order to receive a tourist visa, you must first provide a series of papers. The process is a rather complex one, and many prefer to opt for a specialized agency that will handle the paperwork. To outline the necessary documents, you must know that people usually must provide the authorities in force with:

Passport and photocopy;
One recent passport-style photograph; Trip flight and accommodation details. Alternatively, an invitation may also be necessary; Several other documents.
Due to the increased load of documents and a complex process of receiving a Visa, it would be advisable to collaborate with an agency with experience in the field. You can easily find reliable agencies that will help you with these aspects, and not only for China. You can find at these agencies Vietnam tourist Visa services as well, for example.

2. Affordable accommodation and transportation services
If you choose to visit countries in Southeast Asia, you must know that accommodation and transportation services are incredibly affordable. For instance, one can find a room at the price of 2$ – 5$. In terms of transportation, the easiest and most affordable way to get around these countries is by bus. They link various touristic points, are frequent and bus tickets have affordable prices. For a journey of approximately 6 hours, travelers will spend somewhere around 6 $, and for an overnight bus, they will pay somewhere around 12 $.

3. Try the street food
One of the most popular ways to eat in these countries is the intriguing street food stands. These meals are delicious and they only cost somewhere around 1$ – 2$ per serving.

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