Things you should know if you want to become an English teacher in China

China is a fascinating country, an unusual blend of traditional and modern. For many teachers, working in an Asian country is a dream come true. China seems to be at the top of the preferences of ESL teachers across the world. However, applying for a teaching visa is not always an easy step of the process. Due to the increased amount of documents and intricate process of getting a visa for this purpose, many English teachers that aspire to work in China prefer finding an agency specialized in ESL jobs placement and legalization services for these countries. Below are some generalities regarding the entire process and specifics of working as a teacher in China.

1. You will need a series of qualifications
Not everybody is eligible for a teaching job in a foreign country. Generally, recruitment agencies do pay increased attention to the candidate’s qualifications and diplomas. For instance, those seeking a job in China should apply only if they are the holders of:

TEFL/TESOL certificate;
BA/BS certificate;
Early Childhood Degree;
2 years of teaching experience.

2. You will need to follow a series of steps
If you choose to collaborate with an agency specialized in ESL recruitment, you will have to apply by providing them with a series of papers, and follow a series of steps.

A complete, detailed resume. The resume should include previous teaching experience and qualifications for an ESL position;
If your application is accepted by the recruitment agency, you will be scheduled for an interview with your potential employer. If both parties agree on the salary and other several conditions of the employer, a contract will be signed.
Before leaving your home country, you should make sure that both your degree and criminal background (not older than 6 months) are legalized and notarized by a specialized agency. Some of the Asia ESL jobs providers also offer such services as part of their offer. Seek their assistance, if needed.
You will have to provide a passport. The passport should have at least four blank pages, for your visa to be processed.

3. Challenges and opportunities as an ESL teacher
Although many are reluctant to apply for such positions, the U.S. Department of State accentuates the fact that these positions are less based on teaching vocabulary elements, and more on the “mean-making” part of the entire teaching experience. By developing a stronger teacher-student relationship, the ESL teacher will have to:

Create such environments that promote opportunities for making meaning, rather than recalling vocabulary elements;
Create a supportive environment for those particular cases in which cognitive challenges exist, environment that eliminates a potential development of anxiety; Provide comprehensive input for the students in class, beyond vocabulary elements.

Also, according to the U.S. Department of State, an ESL teacher should:

Allow students to process cognitive challenges;
Take time to address new students daily and bond a relationship with them;
Focus on transmitting the meaning of the vocabulary elements, and not only the words themselves.

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