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The services of a notarization expert are required in many situations, by people from all countries or social backgrounds. If the situation requires selling or buying land, completing important transactions or working with any other kind of documents that outreach our levels of knowledge, then it is wise to contact a specialist in this field. There are many categories of papers and forms that notarization companies can authenticate or legalize. Usually, people are limited by the country they live in. Each and every country comes with specific details, rules or exceptions that need to be respected in order for everything to be alright later on. This is the reason why international notarization plays the main role in this niche.

What if you were interested in China notarization, but had absolutely no starting point? Firstly, you will have to understand the implications of the historical Hauge Conventions which took place in 1899 and 1907 respectively. Knowing about these conventions might help you identify the differences between needing an Appostile for your documents and needing a legalization which implies the approval of either embassies or consulates. China, for instance, will require getting legalization because the country is not a member of The Hauge Convention, which makes everything more complicated than it should be.

Because of the complexity and intricacies of legal matters in China, the legalization process will be much more difficult and it will last longer in comparison to how this process takes place in other countries. Legalizing degrees is paramount for continuing your activity properly, without worrying about not having your papers in order. Even though it might last a little bit longer than you were used to, you should take into account the fact that a background check is implied and most of the times moratoriums intervene due to consulate/embassy block-ups resulted from too many simultaneous requests.

To perform a China legalization you will need to provide several documents, including a passport copy, a notarization application, a copy of the degree, transcript or document you’d like to notarize and duplicate versions of an authorization form originating at the company whose services you are going to use, along with a date and a signature. Plus, do not forget about the aforementioned consulate and embassy process which can be avoided if you opt for obtaining a form early enough.

This being said, if you know you are going to need notarization services internationally, check whether the country you are interested in requires or not specific authorizations. Contacting a company which knows more about this topic and offers services in this field should be the first option that comes to your mind. Being a person who doesn’t know much about this topic will make you vulnerable to possible mistakes or misunderstandings. Documents are vital for leading a life without a reason of distress and this is why you’ll have to pay attention to them.

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