Big in Japan: vacation to-do checklist

Tokyo is like no other city in the world. It is like entering the set of Enter the Void. Colourful, dynamic, restless, fashionable. A neon light city. This is the main reason for which it shortly became one of the preferred travel destinations for many young individuals. The city breathes like from every open window. And life it is what it gives back to its visitors. Every Japan night club has something different to offer, so before your departure, it would be perfect to add to your bookmarks an online guide for the vibrant night life in Tokyo. But enough chit-chat, let’s see what shouldn’t be missing from your Tokyo adventure list.

The vibrant night life
You don’t want to miss the Tokyo night life. At least the night owls out there surely don’t. Because of this reason, make sure to bookmark a web directory that will guide you through all the night clubs, discos and restaurants in the city. These online guides are comprehensive and have listed almost every interesting night club that might be worth visitor’s attention. Also, on great directories of this kind you will find accommodation suggestions, Shibuya night club locations, as well as some great tips and tricks that everybody can use for a better vacation. Find a similar directory and add it to your travel bookmarks. It will certainly come in handy.

Visit Harajuku
This is the place where you can find everything Japanese. This location represents the best Tokyo’s pop culture. Streets filled with hassle and bustle, regardless of the hour of the day or night, the day of the week of the month of the year. While in this ward, make sure to try the Japanese crepe. They are indeed more caloric than the traditional French crepes, from which they derive, by they are amazing. Filled with rich whipped cream, fruits and other interesting bits and pieces they truly bring some novelty for your taste buds. Also, make sure to profit from the souvenir shops present on every street.

Tokyo snake café
Tokyo is filled with themed cafes. You can easily pick and choose from cat cafes, rabbit café, own café, knitting café, and so on. However, by far some of the most peculiar cafes are the snake ones. They have an amazing ritual, where for the fee that you pay at the entrance, you will have a drink included. Also, you can touch the reptile, but for ten minutes of experiencing the snake touch you will be paying quite a generous fee.

Maid cafes
Akihabara is known amongst geek lovers as a cosplay pole in Japan. The maid culture is also popular in this region, and because of this reason, there are plenty of themed cafes in Tokyo, Make sure to visit one of those if you want a unique experience, where maids will serve you food and beverages.

Japan is truly an amazing vacation destination, particularly appropriate for bubbly characters.

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