Etiquette rules everybody should follow at a Sikh wedding

All people that may be attending a Sikh wedding any time soon should be entirely focused on the main ceremony. Whenever people are attending a ceremony from another culture, they should invest their time in understanding the culture itself, the customs and traditions they will be taking part in. this is mainly because there must be followed certain traditions. And in many cases, if this does not happen, the couple and their families might perceive you as rude or ignorant. And, of course, this is the last thing that you wish for. If you will be attending Sikh destination weddings any time soon, you have the duty to do some research yourself before the big event. But also, the couple should answer to all of your questions regarding their traditions, so feel free to ask about them, if something is unclear.

General notions about Sikh weddings
A Sikh wedding ceremony will be oftentimes held at a Sikh ceremony place. Generally, the entire ceremony will last less than an hour. In this interval, the groom is asked to bow in front of a Scripture, while members of the family and a Sikh priest read and sing hymns with an in important signification in this culture. This is the spiritual segment of the ceremony. During the entire ceremony, the couple will be read the marital obligations they will have as a married couple, and they must walk around the Holy Scriptures four times. After each time, the couple will bow, sign that they agree with the previously stated by the priest. In the evening, there will be held the reception, which will be the entertaining part of the wedding.

What to wear at a Sikh wedding
The general dress code for a destination Sikh wedding should be “dress modestly”. Unlike in other cultures, attendees should not opt for revealing clothing in any shape or form. For instance, they should avoid wearing short skirts, plunging necklines, dresses that reveal their shoulders. During the religious ceremony, it is advisable to wear a pair of pants, as oftentimes the guests will be seated on the ground and this increases the levels of comfort. If their outfits are too revealing, some women prefer wearing a shawl over their dresses, to cover up as much as possible. In terms of colour palette, it is advisable to opt for bright and joyful colours, as they are prefect for such occasions. Prepare yourself to witness an intriguing blend of vibrant reds, oranges, blues and yellows.

Should you bring gifts for the couple?
In Sikh culture, it is unusual to bring gifts for the couple if you aren’t a close relative. At the end of the religious ceremony, there is another ceremony, called Sagaan, where most of the guests will gift a modicum amount of money (usually 5 to 10 pounds) to the wedded couple. This is how guests are thanking the couple for the honour of inviting them.

These are some simple rules everybody can follow when attending a Sikh wedding.

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