Tips about attending a Sikh wedding

If a Sikh wedding is approaching and you have to attend it and yet you have no clue about how you need to behave, dress or what to do there are a few things you might want to know about it. Sikh weddings are actually extremely spiritual events that do not require too much preparation. You’ll just have to know the main schedule of the wedding and enjoy the ceremony. Some people prefer to choose destination weddings. These imply leaving the city you are in for a different location. Priests will come along to sustain the ceremony and nothing will be changed in the programme of the wedding besides the location and the seating options.

First thing first, Sikh weddings require a certain type of clothing. When you found out you are going to attend such event you need to make sure you possess the right kind of clothing items. The bride and the groom will be dressed accordingly:

Bride. The bride will wear a traditional shalwar along with a kameez or langa. The latter ones are blouses combined with loose trousers or skirts. Chunni or dupatta are gold-embroider shawls that will be used to cover the brides head.

Groom. The groom will be wearing a traditional shirt and trousers, along with a red or pink-purple turban, carrying a coloured scarf called pulla.

Guests. Each guest will be required to cover their heads in the sacred temple Gurdwara. Bare shoulders or arms should be covered as well. That’s why you should have with you a long scarf. Men should have a big handkerchief to cover their heads with.

There is a tradition that requires removing the shoes you are wearing during the religious ceremony. If you don’t know much about the Sikh culture this may seem a little bit odd, but you will see that there are designated areas for taking off and store your shoes. Some weddings require bare foot, while others find it acceptable to wear socks. Attending the formal ceremony doesn’t mean you will have to attend the gathering after too. This is your very own choice.

Once you arrived at the Gurdwara temple you will notice that the groom will be the one who comes to the bride. You should try avoiding making any kind of noise or chit-chatting with the other guests during the ceremony. The groom will be received by the bride’s side at the location. The guests will meet and exchange gifts. A Sikh priest will be there to hold the ceremony and recite the Holy Hymns. Depending on the location that has been chosen, there can be a tea serving, along with sweets of all kinds.

There will be a lunch which will resemble a normal dinner and dance wedding event. Again, it highly depends on the choice of the groom and bride. Sikh weddings can be more or less traditional and ceremonies can be hold in several ways. The only thing that remains to do is having fun and enjoying the bonding of two souls. It will be an experience you could hardly forget.

If you want to find out more about Sikh weddings or a Sikh priest, please click on the links here!

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