Everything you want to know about travelling for a Sikh wedding

Sikh weddings are beautiful complex events and before organizing or attending one it would be great to gather some information about traditions. Knowing what you are going to deal with helps you stay away from chaotic schedules and confusion. A Sikh wedding is the perfect opportunity to see or experience yourself what a blissful union is all about. Joining a lifelong partnership that is based on spirituality and faith is a unique happening that you won’t get to feel twice. These weddings are about merging souls together even if they are trapped within bodies. Besides merging the soul of two people it is about God too. A marriage is a combination of everything that’s sacred and the ceremony will be held exactly for this purpose – sacrament bonding.

This religious ceremony will require a certain wedding etiquette. From ethnic clothing to the wedding day protocol, the bride and the groom need to follow certain rules. Doing this becomes a little bit difficult when you decide to change the location. A Sikh destination wedding involves early booking and setting up all the details long before the big event. A Sikh ceremony priest will hold the big event for you.

The ceremony includes a personalized presentation held by the professional priest, along with a captivating commentary that will catch each and everyone’s attention. The ceremony commentary will be held in English. You still get to choose the ceremony space and the altar décor which means you’ll have full flexibility regarding the location. Once decided, all you have to do is contact a priest and decide the details remained. Keep in mind that absolutely any location worldwide can be set for the ceremony. Also, having the opportunity to choose any colour scheme/theme you may like lets you organize the ideal wedding. Feeling comfortable at such event is the key for a great marriage.

So what you should expect from a destination wedding held with the help of a Sikh priest? There are a lot of things that come additionally compared to a simple, traditional wedding. Spiritual music and the commentary you will be attending will get the absolute best out of your wedding. The atmosphere created will surely represent something you will never forget.

The main ceremony will make everyone invited feel at home. The spirituality of the event is accentuated by the Holy Hymns held by the Sikh priest. While folding hands and joining the prayers, the bride and the groom will live the experience of their life. Family will be involved too and be part of the blessed event.

Travelling for a wedding might sound complicated, but when hiring the right priest and choosing the right location will solve 90% of the problems. Such an experience should be treated with care and respect. A husband and a wife will be forever bonded and will become a single soul resting in two different bodies. Gathering as much information as possible over the topic will make you understand what it’s all about.

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