Surprising applications for particle size analysis

Particle size analysis has many applications in a variety of industries. Particle size analysis involves techniques such as laser diffraction measurement of particles in diverse products and elements, for improving a given product. This is the main reason why techniques such as the DSC analysis are widely used in pharmaceutics, for instance. However, let’s find out more about surprising fields in which they are used.

1. Asthma inhalers
In asthmatics, their puffers help them to relieve the respiratory discomfort on a daily basis. In numerous cases, these inhalers make the difference between life and death, since many suffer from extreme forms of this condition. However, like we all know, those suffering from asthma rarely use their inhalers accordingly to the instructions available. This decreases, in some cases, the inhaler’s efficiency. However, how efficient they are strongly depends on the size of the particles contained by it. Several factors that influence their levels of effectiveness are:

• The design the inhaler has.
• The particle size of the drugs contained by it.
• The user’s respiratory flow.
• The user’s technique.

Although the last two factors are difficult to control by the manufacturing company, being coordinates that exclusively depend on the user and their affection, particle size makes a noticeable difference when it comes to their efficiency.

2. Road construction materials
All materials used in road construction must undergo thorough procedures and experiments, like the GMP Particle size analysis, since these make the difference between a highly efficient reflective material, for instance, and one with mediocre properties. For designing a perfect reflective material, glass beads are used as the reflective component. But for accomplishing a perfect distribution and level of reflectiveness, manufacturing companies use the services of analysis laboratories that help them to improve their properties as it follows:

• To reflect the light on greater distances.
• To increase their lifespan.
• To reflect the light more uniformly.

Given the fact that these marks on roads oftentimes make the difference between life and death, it is highly important to find a perfect balance and size of the particles used in the manufacturing process.

3. The cosmetic manufacturing industry
Maybe one of the most dependent industries on these measuring techniques is the cosmetic industry. For accomplishing a perfect balance between all components used in manufacturing makeup products, there is necessary a perfect particle size analysis process. This way, manufacturers can accomplish a perfect consistency of their products, which, in their case, means clients that are more pleased. These techniques are used for manufacturing:

Lipsticks: especially their colour is accomplished by selecting diverse pigments. And what matters the most in these pigments is their granulation and size.

Face powders: facial powders or foundations rely very much on these techniques, because the granulation of their components plays a great role in their efficiency.

Creams and oils: for these ones, the formulation of the product weights a lot. Knowing the exact particle size and distribution in them helps manufacturers to accomplish a perfect product, and since the cosmetic industry is striving to perfection we understand why they rely so much on this analysis.

If you want to find out more about DSC analysis or GMP Particle size analysis, please click on the links here!

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