Internet tips: install a firewall

When you connect a naked PC to the Internet, being it your office or personal PC, the action is similar to the one of leaving your house without locking your doors. At a point, someone will enter and will check your drawers. They may even take your jewelries and money, so with this thought in mind, you carefully close the doors and windows every time you leave the house. So before connecting your PC to the Internet, make sure that you secure it against threats, by installing a firewall. You have different options available on the market, one of the bests being SonicWALL TZ Series 210, so you have to decide upon a model and purchase it. In case you do not have experience, in installing Internet security, you should ask a professional help you, because firewalls can be difficult to configure and understand, and you have to make sure that you properly install it, if you want to benefit from all its features.

When you use an e-mail program, browser or other similar software to retrieve information from an online platform, remote server or ISP, the data will flow through multiple ports. A malefactor as a bit of spyware, teenage hacker or spam pop-up will try to access your PC, and the process is quite easy because they only have to find an open port to your PC, or trick it to open one. A firewall will watch the ports and will reject access to any unauthorized traffic, so your information will be safe. In case you opt for a hardware firewall, then it will be placed between the DSL modem or cable and your PC. In case you opt for a software firewall, it will run on your PC. If you want to protect a network of PCs, then it is advisable to opt for a hardware firewall. You may want to buy together with the firewall one of the Cisco Nexus Series Switches, to ease your work. If you have a router, then you should know that the firewall would hide your IP addresses, because it incorporates a network address translation.

It is advisable to install a firewall on every one of the PCs from your network. You have the possibility to customize the firewall to block the incoming and outcoming traffic through the key ports you select. In case you want to use an external device to secure your computer, then you should get in touch with a professional, because it is a complex process. The software firewall is not so difficult to set up, and with the right knowledge and instructions, you can program it yourself. A firewall not only blocks the uninvited traffic from the ports, but it is also able to prevent programs that run on your PC as spyware, Trojan horses, and backdoor software, to send and accept data. You have a wide selection of firewalls from which to choose, so you have to check their features and decide which one of them is the right one for your needs.

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