Taking a close look at the main types of real estate crowdfunding platforms

You do not need to get a loan to invest in real estate. All you need to do to raise money is warm to crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept, so may not be familiar with it. Crowdfunding refers to the collective effort of individuals, who network and contribute with small amounts of cash. It is important to stress that crowdfunding platforms like Realty Mogul Crunchbase are not just for millionaires. Ordinary people can participate in entrepreneurism. So, if you want to save a historical building, you can.

At present, there are many platforms that give entrepreneurs the opportunity to invest in real estate. Real estate crowdfunding platforms are means for entrepreneurs to identify real estate investment opportunities and, implicitly, to raise money. They make real estate investing simple, fast, and profitable. Nonetheless, crowdfunding platforms for real can have limitations. Read a Realty Shares review or a Realty Mogul review and you will see. In what follows, we will take a look at the main types of real estate crowdfunding platforms.

Direct investing
Direct investing in real estate ought to be in any investor’s portfolio. As the name clearly suggests, direct investing via real estate crowdfunding is a model that lets entrepreneurs invest in real estate directly with the help of a sponsor, which is typically a real estate firm. What this firm does is act as an intermediary between sponsors and investors. If you are interested in direct investing via crowdfunding, try RealtyShares. Their leading platform brings together investors and borrowers. However, you should know that RealtyShares is only one company that has adopted this model.

Indirect investing
Of course, if you can invest directly, you can invest indirectly too. You may wonder what difference is there between direct investing and indirect investing via crowd funding. The indirect investing model lets you participate via a Special Purpose Vehicle, which is created by the crowdfunding firm. What the Special Purpose vehicle does is isolate potential financial risk. The crowdfunding platform is very much alike a limited partner or lender.

You get the money that you need, but you cannot develop a personal connection with the investors. This is the main drawback. You should not turn your back on indirect real estate crowdfunding platforms because they bring a good source of capital. Examples of such platforms include Realty Mogul and Fundrise.

Real estate crowdfunding software
This crowdfunding option implies the integration of Software-as-a-Service technology within the existing website. Thanks to the real estate crowdfunding software, it is possible to raise funds under the existing brand and to manage the network of investors, and the public. Examples of firms that offer this solution include CrowdStreet and Katipult. The reason why this real estate crowdfunding model is beneficial is that it allows you to manage your investment.

All real estate crowdfunding sites connect investors with opportunities. However, attention should be paid to the fact that they inherit the limitations of the real estate. Some platforms are simply risky and you should read reviews before investing.

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