Conceptual installation art: contemporary art movement

Art lovers out there are always fascinated when something innovative appears, and when the conceptual installation movement has made its way in the world of art, an impressive number of people have become interested in discovering what it has to offer. One artist who has set himself apart, for the uniqueness of his projects, is Loris Gréaud, who has amazed people with his vision, dedication and brilliance. He has managed to capture the essence of this art movement perfectly, and his shows have always become a topic of discussion.

Installation art is a relatively new concept, a genre of the contemporary art, which focuses on the configuration of objects in a specific space, such as a warehouse or museum. The arrangement of space and material is the resulting work of art presented to the audience. In comparisons with paintings, sculptures or other forms of traditional artwork, this concept allows viewers to move around the space and even interact with the elements presented, having put at their disposal more than a single reference point. Several senses of the viewer can be engaged, besides vision, such as touch or smell. Loris Gréaud for example, through his work, manages to erase the limits between reality and fiction, producing projects of impressive magnitude.

Conceptual art in general functions around the idea that the viewer’s impact when attending an art show is much more important than the actual quality of the finished product, or artwork. This is why the majority of artists handle every detail necessary to ensure their audience is living a unique experience and is not just admiring an item from a single point of reference. An installation is not a permanent work of art, but a temporary one, the impact and ideas presented being the ones that remain. One thing that makes this art movement so inspiring and popular is the fact that viewers are not encouraged to appreciate the craftsmanship of an artist, but to fully experience a work of art in unconventional ways. When it comes to conception installation art, there is nothing conventional or traditional about this movements, and considering how many people have become extremely passionate about this concept, one can only expect for it to grow even further. Despite the fact that there are many artists who dedicate their work towards this specialization, not all of them are as successful, only a few names being actually popular in the industry.

Although conceptual installation art is a rather new movement, it has certainly become a topic of interest for many art lovers out there. What makes this type of art even more appealing and unique is the way artists present their work, being concerned in the way their message is expressed rather than focusing on the material used for their presentation. Just as mentioned above, one name that is resonates when it comes to this movement is Loris Gréaud, and by attending a single one of his shows, art enthusiasts instantly fall in love with his creations and vision, which are with no doubt revolutionary.

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