How to dress as a male during summer without looking like a teenager

When it comes to properly dressing as a male during summer, things tend to get a little complicated. Just like Dylan Moran said, a man wearing baggy shorts says he doesn’t plan to have an executive position in the next five years. Although this is funny, you don’t want to pass as one of those guys. However, finding that grown up style is necessary. No man deserves to die due to the hotness of a summer day. Wearing age-appropriate clothing is as well as important, and you can find some bits and pieces in one of the many Jacob Cohen online shop. Thus, we have a small guide of necessary clothing items that fulfil all the previous requirements.

1. A well-fitting polo
The history of the polo shirt is quite an interesting one. It all begins with Rene Lacoste, a Grand Slam tennis man, fed-up with the impractical court attire; he decided to create something more easily to wear for the players. In 1926, he debuted with his first line of tennis shirts, and in 1927, he sewed the well-known crocodile on the chest. After his retirement, in 1933, he dedicated all his attention to designing and manufacturing these shirts. But enough with the history. How should you choose a grown-up polo shirt? Look for the right proportions. Many men tend to go a size too small, because they find it difficult to pick the perfect shirt for their body type. If a polo shirt is not fitting well, change the brand. It simply might not be appropriate for your body type. The polo shirts you find in the Boss orange online shops put there might be some of the most well-fitting pieces we could find.

2. The dressy flat fitted front shorts
Although a young man should get rid of all those pairs of shorts that fit poorly, they should still invest in some sort of shorts. Especially when living in hot climates. Although the baggy shorts are definitely a big “NO”, some flat fitted front shorts work wonders. Thus, buy them in different colours for an easier matching process. The only advice we could give is to pick your shorts well. Try them on and see what works for your body type. The slim model might not work for you if you have monster quads, neither will a looser model if you have a thin frame. If you already know what fits you best, you can proceed to order them online, but if you lack these notions, better try them on first.

3. A pair of boat shoes that are not your grandpa’s
Many associate the boat shoes with old men clothing items. What we certainly know is that fashion is a never-ending cycle, and what was trendy a couple of decades ago, still rocks. As many might think, the single most important piece in a male’s wardrobe for summer. Only make sure you pick a modern approach on them. They are comfortable, light and fashionable. The perfect piece of footwear!

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