How to organize the scariest Halloween party you’ve ever attended

Trick or treat everybody? We say you’d better treat. Treat your friends with the ultimate Halloween party. Wicked beverages, scary costumes, a touch of bloody décor, they are all key-elements for organizing such an event in the comfort of your own otherwise werewolf free and safe home. But you still want to make them jump with your décor elements and great costumes, don’t you? Well, for you, fearless organizer, we have some great tips and tricks.

Pick your costumes wisely
A trend in terms of costumes, in the late years, seems to be those boring kitty costumes. And Spiderman, let’s not forget about Spiderman. But Halloween is not about wearing cute or cool costumes, it is about finding the scariest disfraces de Halloween available out there. For this, either you have to create your own, which we don’t recommend, or you have to buy one. Precisely because DIY-ing your costume is something rather difficult and time consuming, we recommend buying one. They are way scarier that you could ever possibly accomplish at home. Of course, unless you are one of the talented make-up artists out there that can transform into everybody’s worst nightmares.

Pick a theme
The fairy-tale theme is out of question. We are serious people and we take very seriously such a holiday. It has to be scary. We recommend a haunted house theme, or one based on a horror movie. A graveyard theme would also do. Depending on your theme, you must pick the music and décor elements, not to mention the costumes.

Pick the treats well
Because they also have to be scary. The ones you find in hypermarkets are not suitable, but you could search the mighty Pinterest god and create your own. Candy pops, pop tarts, cupcakes, there are ideas for everything you can imagine. This way you will make sure that all your tiny visitors, wearing those amazing disfraz de bebe will be pleased with their treats. You don’t plan on ticking them, did you?

Think about the guest list
There is no point in inviting people you don’t fully tolerate. Invite only the close friends and family and the time you have at the scariest party of the year will be even scarier. Spending such an evening with people whose presence you don’t fully enjoy is not worth it.

Prepare scary beverages
Personally, we really enjoy Bloody Mary cocktails for such occasions. They are a bit mysterious, red like Hell’s hottest chambers and spicy, a little bit sour, and entirely alcoholic. If you are a fan of non alcoholic beverages, once again Pinterest is your best ally. Make sure you research your options well, make a list of ingredient you need for these beverages and carefully read the preparation instructions.

Besides of these pieces of advice, we strongly recommend picking appropriate music for the occasion. You don’t want to be listening to Abba at a Halloween party. Check Nick Cave’s music, if you are not familiar with it. It’s quite appropriate, we say.

If you are interested in finding out more about disfraces de Halloween or disfraz de bebe, please click on the links here!

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