Tips for organising a destination wedding

Destination weddings seem to be a new trend around the world and the fact that many choose them over traditional weddings could not make us happier. After all, we all deserve a little treat on our special day and with destination weddings, we have the occasion of enjoying a breath taking view, high comfort levels and let the couple have a less stressful experience. This of course, is an advantage if you are not a control freak, which wants to make sure everything is accordingly to their scrupulous requirements. However, specialists recommend couples to unwind on this particular day, and let others manage the complicated matters. A successful destination wedding begins with renting a Golden Bay accommodation facility, like the ones you find in the dreamy New Zeeland, and by following the tips below.

Decide for a special location

The location of your wedding will be the determinant factor for your entire event. Carefully selected, it will set the mood for you and your guests, but it will also determine how much you have to spend for the “I do –I do” event. The time interval will also depend on the destination picked and the activities you will get involved in as well. Choosing a specific location will individualise your wedding from the others and you will be remembered as that couple who made out of that day something truly special. Make sure you pick a location that will send a certain vibe, a vibe that characterises you both and that all the arrangements fold perfectly on the style of wedding you aim to have. Pro tip: New Zeeland is a popular destination wedding location.

Choose the time interval wisely

Unfortunately, you cannot control Mother Nature and her downsides. Nevertheless, you can in fact make sure you pick a not-so-risky time interval. Make sure you check the clime of the location you plan to have your wedding in. Alternatively, you could see when is the touristic season, because, unfortunately the two oftentimes overlap.

Take a couple of planning trips

Although it would be ideal not to have to deal with these trips, we recommend having at least one. This way, you could select your vendors, the venue (there are a couple of magnificent Golden Bay wedding venues), the ceremony space and hotels for your guests. On these few trips, you can arrange all the details with a local wedding planner and have them take care of the rest.

Please research the local wedding requirements

Taking this leap in a foreign destination comes with a bit of additional stress: the legal wedding requirements. But in the end, we haven’t heard anybody complaining about them. Make sure you research these requirements well, because some areas have a residency interval necessary before the wedding. This interval is usually of about a couple of days, but you want to make sure.

Unwind a little

When you plan a destination wedding, remember the fact that all vendors work on what is known as the “island time”. This might be taken sometimes as negligence, but the fact that a vendor is laid back should encourage you to do the same. Take their example!

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