Which are the safest countries in the world?


Moving to another country is not an easy process and it requires months, if not years of planning. There are a million details to consider, from that country’s economic situation and job prospects you have there to its culture, habits and general lifestyle. However, you shouldn’t forget that safety matters too, especially if you are looking for a family-friendly location. Fortunately, you can find a lot of specific data on this topic and if you have your eye on a certain neighbourhood, you can bring up details about its crime rate. Although it is possible to have a safe and peaceful life in a country that is considered dangerous as a whole, it’s best to know where you are going and take the right precautions.

Safest countries to live in: Nordic countries, UAE & Singapore

According to the World Economic Forum, Nordic countries (Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway) have the highest safety rating, followed closely by the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. Here, there is the lowest risk of a terror attack and the crime rate is also quite low, as a result of good legislation, competent police force and stable economy. For example, a considerable percentage of Singapore’s population is made out of foreign business people and the country has a blooming economy. If you decide to move into these countries, security will not be a problem.

Urban areas pose a considerable threat

Most young people imagine themselves starting a new life in a big, crowded city, such as New York, London, San Francisco, Sydney or Paris. While the financial benefits of living in such an area are obvious, you should keep in mind that big cities have a higher crime rate. There will be questionable neighbourhoods, gags and armed robberies and if you still want to live there, you should take some measures. For example, Sydney has a safety rating of 6.1, which makes it quite safe, but the central area has its problems, so you ought to talk to a locksmith Sydney CBD and have stronger locks fitted. However, New York is much more dangerous. Here, if you do not install a security camera and an alarm system, you are literally inviting burglars into your home.

Poor countries are the least safe

According to WEF, poor countries have the lowest security rating, because poor economy equals a high criminality rate. In the bottom part of the top are countries such as El Salvador, Venezuela, Pakistan, Nigeria and Egypt. Of course, it is possible to live here in comfort, but the risk of robberies and other crimes is quite high and you should choose your city and neighbourhood carefully. Moreover, it’s advisable to avoid going out at night and spending a lot of time in crowded areas, because you could be mugged. Security experts also advise installing durable locks and investing in a high end security system to keep intruders at bay.


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