Jaw dropping places to visit in Croatia

Croatia is one of the European countries that attracts a large number of tourists every year, and this is thanks to its azure waters, hundreds of islands, and picturesque villages. Every spot form Croatia is rich in history, so this country is perfect for the ones who want to discover the mysteries of the past. Here tourists can visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, national parks and adventure spots. Travelling here is pretty much as a breeze, but from so many places to see, which one should you include on your list? Well, everything is beautiful in Croatia, but some places will simply marvel you. If you want to hire a boat taxi Split to discover Croatia, then you should check this list of attractive destinations. You can start with the Brac Island and because you can get there with a boat taxi, and you will discover a natural paradise. The island features an amazing natural habitat, and you will be surprised to see the animals and birds that find their home there. Here you can swim in one of the clearest seas from Europe, and the water meets with the green pine forest, as in no other place.

Other place you should put on your list is Postira. It is a wonderful city, that will make you forget about the busy life of the big towns, and will make you desire get a house here are spend the rest of your life in this sleep place. Make sure you hire a boat taxi Split airport to wait for you, if you book accommodation in Postira. Other similar town to Postira is Bobovišta that is a small place, where you have no chances to get lost. It is perfect to have a dinner late in the night or to walk on an afternoon. It is a wonderful place for the families with children, and you can enjoy swimming in crystal clear water. In the last years, it became very popular for tourists, so if you do not want to spend your holiday in a crowded spot, this may not be the best choice for you.

If you want to create your itinerary based on picturesque locations, then you should make sure you put on the list Hvar Island. Here you will discover a community of welcoming people, breath-taking landscape and places where you can enjoy the beauty of the nature at it’s fullest. You may have heard of the Hvar Island, but you should know that on the island there is more to explore than just the Hvar Town. There you can discover some beautiful, easygoing beaches, where you can spend quality time with your family or friends. These places are some of the most amazing spots in Croatia you can access with the help of a boat, so make sure to visit at least some of them, if not all. And do not forget to book a boat taxi in time.

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