Learning concepts in modern kindergartens

We live in an age in which it is mandatory to teach our children valuable lessons even at a young age. The world is developing fast and if we want them to always be up to date with new concepts and ideas, we must implement them even in pre-school children. Letters, colours, shapes they are all concepts toddlers and pre-schoolers should be familiar with. Rather than being a formal approach on education, it is more of an interaction and conversation based approach. Modern options like this Zug childcare offer a great variety of educational options for children of all ages, starting from babies, and continuing with toddlers and children of four to five years old. However, in order to have a great start in life, the courses of a kindergarten should follow a couple of simple rules, as it follows.

Small class sizes
It is necessary to have small class sizes, especially if you aim to a high quality educational process. It is impossible for a teacher to offer their undivided attention to each child in the class, but if their number decreases, they all will benefit from more attention and training, no matter what their age group might be. This way, there is the possibility for each teacher to accomplish great results with their students and awaken the great curiosity there is in each child. It has been experimentally proven that smaller classes have better results at acquiring new notions and abilities. Each child has a different learning style and in smaller classes, there is possible for the teacher to exploit each of them and develop more efficiently, the children’s learning skills.

Smart learning concepts
A new trend in terms of education is the “learning through play” concept. These modules are developed accordingly to each age group of children, and they tactfully combine notions applicable in the modern world context with traditional childcare approaches. By playing, the children become able to recognise letters, colours, numbers, recognise animals and the sounds they produce. It all develops in a friendly environment, in the company and guidance of teachers with a great knowledge of child psychology. “Learning through play” modules develop in such a manner; the child is feeling relaxed enough to acquire new notions and develop concepts regarding their surroundings. Experiments are another form of play implemented by facilities like this Zug pre-kindergarten, and they are designed in such a manner to make the children aware about how the natural elements, such as water, soil and plants interact with each other.

Involving parents in the educational process
For proper educational results, there is necessary a level of implication from the parent’s side. Many modern kindergartens update daily and interact with parents. This is necessary in order to inform them on their child’s development and the most efficient learning techniques for each of them. This will allow the parents to apply the same techniques when educating their children at home, for a more coherent educational process.

If you are interested to find out more about the concepts applied by this Zug childcare or Zug pre-kindergarten, please click on the links here!

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