Frequently asked questions about firewalls

In modern days, it is essential to invest in a firewall, when you have a network at your office. Firewalls are network security systems that have the role to prevent unauthorized access from or to a computer. Firewalls come in both software and hardware form, or some providers even bring on the market a combination of both. Usually network firewalls are used to prevent malicious Internet users from accessing private networks as intranets. All messages and data leaving or entering the intranet will pass through the firewall and it will examine every one of them and block the ones that do not meet the security criteria established by the user. But if you are not sure what a firewall as APC Switched Rack PDU can do for you, you should take a look at the following questions, because they will help you understand better how these systems work.

How do I check if I have a firewall installed? Some computers have pre-installed firewalls, so before buying a new one, you should check if you have one installed on your PC. In case your computer runs the Windows Vista operating system, then you have to access the Start Menu and go to the Control Panel to see if the windows Firewall is activated. In case it is not, it is advisable to invest in a professional one as Cisco Catalyst 3560G Series Switches to offer security to your network. If the computer runs other operating system, you will find the firewall option in the Control Panel, but the way of accessing it might differ a little. Look online for specific instructions.

Should I choose a software or hardware firewall? Many users have to choose between a software and a hardware firewall and they do not know which ones of the models would be more suitable to their needs. Specialists state that the ideal firewall would include both of them. The firewall not only that limits the access to your network and computer, but it also allows remote access to the network though secure logins and authentication certificates. Hardware routers can be bought as a standalone product, but there are cases when they are found in broadband routers. The majority of hardware firewalls have minimum four network ports, but if you need to purchase one for a larger network, then you should talk with the provider to see what offers they have. Software firewalls are directly installed on your computer and all you have to do is to customize them according to your preferences. They have the role to protect your computer from outside threats.

How do I choose the firewall provider? Firstly, you have to make a list with the most well known providers from the market. It is advisable to work with one of the 10 best providers, because in this way you can be sure that they will offer you reliable solutions. Secondly, you should check the prices, because it is important to choose a firewall that meets you budget. Thirdly, you have to decide if you need a software or hardware firewall, and see which provider has the best reviews for that type of system.

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