Networking basics: things everybody should know

In order to comprehend the basics of routing, networking and building a secure connection, we need to understand first the basics of networking. What components are involved and their purpose in the structure, and how do they communicate. There are a couple of pieces of equipment that will help you connect to networks and assure communication between them. Integrating elements (pro tip: SonicWALL TZ Series 215 is a great one), switches and access points are all highly relevant for your needs. Below you can find some information on those so you can understand the basics of networking.

1. Switches, one of the most important elements of networking
Designed to connect multiple devices found in the same area (or building), they have the ability to connect multiple devices to the same network, share information between them and they are widely used for business purposes. They offer great levels of flexibility and help business owners save money, as well as increase productivity. Of course, a managed switch is easy to personalize, it can be easily accessed and programmed, and therefore it can easily be monitored. Unmanaged switches, on the other hand do not allow changes, which makes the network less flexible.

2. Routers, the main element of a flawless connection
If switches are designed to connect multiple devices into a network, routers are designed to connect multiple networks together. This is a cost effective option, since multiple users can enjoy by using routers a single network. They facilitate access to information, so it is easy and fast enough to be profitable and efficient. Connecting diverse networks, they are quite profitable when used for business purposes, offering increased amounts of data as well as security. You must be able to differentiate between networks with firewall, IP phone networks and virtual private networks. A great way of increasing your connection’s security is by using products similar with the SonicWALL NSA 2400 01-SSC-7020 UTM VPN, which is software specially designed for protecting data against attacks by examining the incoming information.

3. Access pints, for cable-free connection
The easiest way to add devices to a network is by having a wireless connection. It is accomplished through access points and it increases the user’s mobility and flexibility. An access point increases the number of devices that can have connection, as well as the distance between them and the center point. They are also a great way of increasing the security and protection of the devices connected through it, which is a profitable element when it comes to office buildings and businesses as wholes.

In order to have a flawless Internet connection, make sure you invest in high quality network elements from experienced supplies. If you find new products way out of your budget, consider refurbished ones, since they offer the same quality, at considerably smaller prices. Certain teams have the necessary experience in refurbishing old network components, and clients seem to enjoy them even better because of their smaller prices.

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