Questions to ask your wedding stylist

When planning a wedding the most important factor you have to consider is the budget, and the majority of your decisions will be based on it. So, you might not afford to hire a complete wedding styling service, but this does not meant that you cannot benefit from their services. You only have to find a company which is willing to offer you, assistance and recommendations, but which lets you do the majority of actions. It does not matter if you hire a full-time wedding stylist Sydney or you want them to only offer you advice, you should prepare a list with the most important questions you should ask them during the initial interview. You have to find from the beginning if the planner is the right one for your wedding, especially because they will not be there at every step of the wedding, and you will not be able to consult them for every decision you take.

Because you are pressed about your wedding budget, you should ask the wedding planner the costs of their services. You should check the range of prices from your area and see which service is the best for you. If you hire a full-time wedding planner then you should expect them to ask you about a 15 percent from the cost of the entire wedding, but in case you work part time with a specialist, then the price will vary. After establishing if the price fits your budget, you should ask them the variety of services they offer, because you have to see if they can offer you any help in planning the wedding. For example, you might have no idea how the wedding decorations should look, so in this situation you should make sure that the wedding stylist could recommend you a wedding decoration hire service. It is better to have an explanation of the services they offer, because sometimes it is not clear from their website what services they include in their packages. It is crucial to find out which the main speciality of the wedding planner is, because you might not need both deign and coordination services.

In addition, you should make sure that you ask them how many weddings they have in the period your wedding takes place, because you want to be sure that, they will have time to offer you advice and to do the job you pay them for. The experience of the wedding stylist is important, because you do not want to work with a person who is trying to figure out what a wedding implies, while working with you. They should ease your job, not make it harder. You have to be sure that the wedding planner will put your wedding first, because they have to work as an intermediary between you and the services providers. You should ask them if they are willing to respect your vision, because it is your wedding, and you should make the most important decisions.

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