What you need to know about viscosity measurement

Gathering data on the viscosity behaviour of a specific material is an essential step to follow in the manufacturing process, since this way the manufacturer is able to understand and visualize better the product dimension. Contrary to what some people believe, it is important to engage in rheological analysis and learn more about the characteristics of a material, as this helps specialists predict pourability, pumpability, performance in a coating operation, or the ability or ease with which the material can be used, handled or processed. There is strong interrelation between product dimensions and rheological analysis, which makes the measurement of material’s viscosity both the most convenient and the most sensitive way in which specialists can detect changes in stability, density, solids content, colour or molecular weight.

It is worth mentioning that viscosity is one of the main parameters which experts have to pay attention to when flow measurements of various types of fluids are made, whether it is about liquids, solids or semi-solids. The process of viscosity measurement is performed in conjunction with both efficiency and quality of the product and nowadays it is considered a crucial part of research.

One of the reasons why manufacturers resort to this type of measurement is that it is much quicker, more reliable and more accurate compared to other methods of analysis available. Through analysing rheological characteristics of a product, specialists are able to understand how particles in that product behave or how they can force them to behave according to the specific needs.

Another thing worth noting about viscosity measurement is that there are several techniques that can be used in this process; each of them is suitable to different materials and circumstances, which is why in order to obtain the best results it is mandatory to know which one to select. Sometimes this can be quite a challenging task. Nevertheless, instruments that can be found on today’s marketplace vary a lot such as viscometers that count the seconds that take a liquid to drain off a stick or more complex controlling and automatic recording equipment. These tools make the user’s job easier, yet they still have to be very careful and to pay attention to every small detail when making any appreciations.

Business owners from different industries interested in viscosity measurement and rheological analysis should start looking for professionals in this domain right away and the best place to look for the right company to work with is obviously the Internet. When searching for such a company it is essential to keep in mind several criteria and one of the most important of them is experience in the domain. You should only work with companies specialised in rheological analysis that have a history in this industry and that perfectly understand what steps they need to follow and what tools and equipment to use to reach the desired results and to meet clients’ needs.

As it can be seen, viscosity measurement is a very important step in the manufacturing process of a specific product that gives you better understanding on the characteristics of that material.

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