Warning signs that a binary option robot is a scam

“Scam” might be a common word amongst binary options traders, and there is a real motivation for this. There is a couple of software bringing loss in terms of profit for traders around the world. Therefore, knowing what should you invest your time and money in and what shouldn’t you weights a lot. Luckily, there are a couple of platforms available out there, where specialists analyse if a bot like Lexington code is scam or not. Besides those, there are a couple of signs warning you that you are dealing with unreliable software, as described below.

1. Hard to reach customer services
It is common not to be able to track down the customer service department if you robot is unreliable. Therefore, make sure this is the first thing you check before deciding over a binary options robot or another. Try their live chat, and see what their response time is, if there is the case. If not, you might attempt a phone call contact, and if this fails as well, an e-mail is another way you could try to communicate with them. If their customer service department is unreachable, skip the bot and repeat the steps until you find one with prompt services.

2. Reachable customer services, but not useful
See if the department really does help you if you have any issues. Ask for a variety of information and see how useful they are. Do they use you’re your language, do they sound professional or do they seem to know what they are talking about? These are all things you should pay attention to.

3. A robot pretending to have 100% rates of accuracy
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And if this is not ridiculous enough already, many claim that a beginner trader has the chance to obtain this rate of accuracy from the start. This, of course, is far from reality, the sugar coated promises hiding most probably a scam software. Make sure you don’t buy their promises and move on as soon as some software promises such unrealistic things.

4. You never heard of the respective product
You don’t have to be a pro trader to at least hear about a robot or another. This is a good sign, however. A reputation indicates a product used by many. There are good chances that the respective product to be indeed good, especially if it is working with professional and respected brokers. Trusty brokers don’t want to associate their name with a fraud.

5. Review websites cannot back their legitimacy
Fortunately, there are a couple of website where specialists review this kind of products emerging on the market. For instance, if you want to find out if Lexington code scam is a reality, check on one of those pages and see if they have some information on it. Because they are specialised in trying and reviewing this kind of robots, their opinion valuable, especially on this segment dominated by uncertainty.

If you want to find out more about Lexington code or if Lexington code scam is real, please visit these links!

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