What are the advantages of geotechnical boring?

There are many reasons why you may choose to conduct geotechnical investigations, including the necessity of determining good drilling locations and depths. Specialized technicians or geotechnical engineers are often hired to collect samples and get information about the conditions at the site of proposed excavation. This process is known as soil boring. For some applications, like wells, basements and foundations for office buildings, it is crucial to obtain data about the soil that is located sub-surface. Tests performed by geotechnical companies like Big Apple Testing help you obtain accurate details related to the ability of the soil to support structures on the surface or leakages. In what follows, we will discuss the major advantages of geotechnical boring.

While environmental drilling investigations provide an idea about what might be under the ground, soil boring offers precise information about what is down below. This is essentially the main difference between the two investigation methods. Boring offers the chance to remove the soil or rock for testing, the advantage being that you get the opportunity to see what is extracted. Geotechnical engineers offer you an accurate picture of the subsurface. As a result, you will have a good understanding of everything related to sub-surface typology, from pressure to the location of the groundwater table. Therefore, your architect are able to design foundations for both safety and economy. The only drawback is the fact that soil boring requires equipment, workforce and time. This is why it is better to hire a geotechnical company.

Another advantage of geotechnical boring is that it focuses on a large amount of soil. As a result, the laboratory results are more representative of the soil mass. Engineers are capable of determining the nature of the entire site. It is true that the process of boring may disturb the soil conditions, but at least you have a clear idea about soil conditions. Thanks to geologic study and inspection of the site, you have information about origin, deposits formed or structural defects in real-time and eliminates the guesswork. People working in the construction industry are the ones who benefit the most from boring reports. Building and industrial structures cannot be founded on any type of grand, which is the reason why it is necessary to know if there is any degree of risk involved.

The best thing to do is to hire an engineering team to handle this undertaking. As stated previously, geotechnical boring requires specialist equipment, which is expensive. What is more, a company of this kind helps people save money on projects by making available essential information. In the case of foundations, the base transmits the load onto the ground, so knowing if the ground can handle the weight is crucial. Savings in time and in money more than compensate for the cost of the laboratory testing. Last but not least, only a geotechnical engineer can advise whether or not you need investigative boring or a geotechnical one. Geotechnical engineers have experience with such matters, so you will be receiving the best possible advice.

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