Conversation starters for dating sites that will get you an instant reply

Asked what they would like to see from women more often, the men on a subreddit on the already notorious platform responded with “Approach us more often!” The stereotype that they should do all the work when it comes to relationships, dating and maintaining a conversation seems to bother them a little. But let’s see how you, as a woman, as an individual with initiative, should approach a man on a dating platform (a tip from a professional would be to exclusively use 100 percent free dating sites) for a sure and instant reply.

Direct and quite personal questions work wonders
We all love to talk about ourselves and a more personal question is a great conversation starter. Especially if it is a controversial topic, or one nobody might approach from the start. Don’t bring religion into this equation, because for many this is a great deal breaker. Also, go for fun question. Not for cringe worthy ones. Ask him if he has an embarrassing story to share with you. He will certainly fall into the conversation.

Start with an emojy line
Use a glass of beer or martini to signal you are available for a date with him. You could develop them in such a manner they tell a fun, cheesy story. If you are anxious in general when it comes to asking someone out, this might be a more comfortable approach. For you and for them as well. Also, this is easier to make them bite into the conversation than if you would ask them who’s their favorite writer.

Tell them directly what you want from them
Do you want a serious relationship? Are you using 100% free online dating site exclusively for laid back and casual relationships? Tell them. However, avoid the line “Hey, I want to get married and have ten children in the next couple of years.” This will put too much pressure on a guy. They want to know you are laid back and let a relationship follow its natural course.

“How come someone that good looking is still searching for a date?”
Yes, it might be a little too cheesy in your book, but in every men’s book this is a great compliment and their response won’t be too late. Honestly speaking, it is a great conversation starter. It recognizes him as a handsome representative of the gender, makes him think they are in a favored position, while you are the one having an advantage.

Make fun of him
But don’t be too harsh. While men do appreciate a woman with a well-developed sense of humor, they also have a fragile ego. You don’t want to be dismissed based on an intended joke that came out wrong. You could pick an obvious thing on their profile and make a remark based on it. It is a tested and approved conversation starter.

Here are a couple of simple approaches all women could apply in their online dating incursions. Test some and see what you are more comfortable with.

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