What you should never use as phone wallpaper

Many people simply dislike the wallpapers that come with their phones, and they try to find ones that reflect their hobbies and preferences. Some people prefer to make their own wallpapers, but this requires a lot of time and skill, and if you are not good at design, or you lack ideas, then you will find it difficult. But, you also know that there are times when people make fun of your choices, and this is not comfortable, especially when you are in a large group. The first thing you should do is to look for HD wallpapers for iPhone, because there are many websites where you can find amazing wallpapers. You know how curious people are when it comes to phone wallpaper. So many people look over your shoulder, in trying to get a look of the image you are using, so you should make sure that you totally impress them.

You know how curios you are to see your friend’s wallpaper, because it tells you a lot of things about the person who is owning the phone, so you should not blame the others for their curiosity. So if you do not know what to choose, here are some things you should definitely avoid. The biggest NO of choosing a wallpaper is to use a picture of yourself. If your friends see that you have used a picture of yourself, they will understand that you are a narcissistic person, and you do not want them to have this perception of you. There are people who use animation characters, and in case the picture is not a piece of art, you should stay away from this idea, because it will only show how immature you are. You should look for inspiration on website specialized in offering HD iPhone 5 wallpapers, because there you can find amazing ideas. It is widely believed that adults should get over animated characters dependency. It is advisable to stay away especially of the pre-pubescent anime girls.

If none of the above is your case, then you should know that pictures with famous people from the entertainment industry are not a good idea, also. You might have seen many women who are using pictures of handsome men, but this is only a sign of a disconnection with reality. It is not ok for you as an adult, to have a wallpaper with a sexy actor, because all of your friends will find it disgusting. Another bad idea for a phone wallpaper is to use a picture with your partner. The reason is that this option of yours will stir up feelings of resentment and anger, for the ones who do not have someone beside them. This means that people will get jealous because you show up your partner. In addition, it is not appropriate to use this wallpaper when using your phone at your workplace. It is advisable to select one of the HD wallpapers professional websites offer.

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