Things you did not know about sushi

If you are the biggest fan about sushi, you are not the only one. Sushi is extremely popular these days and for good reasons too. Unlike McDonalds or other foods, this Japanese food is delicious and, most importantly, healthy. What makes sushi so delicious is the fact that this dish celebrates the flavors, textures, and colors of seasonal products. What is certain is that people do love this Japanese dish and just as there are many London sushi delivery services, there are mysteries that you may not necessarily know about. How much do you actually know about sushi? Here, for educational purposes of course, are some interesting facts about this popular food.

You will shocked to find out that sushi is in fact a Chinese creation. Despite the fact that the food came into the scene in Japan during the 8th century and it is typically associated with this country, it has its roots in China, more precisely along the side of the Mekong River. In ancient times, sour rice used to be wrapped around fermented fish, then laid over a heavy stone. What the Chinese were trying to do was to better preserve seafood. This particular food was popularized in Japan in the 1800s. The next time you order sushi delivery London, you will know its origin.

Another fact that will surprise you is that people did not eat the rice at all. As stated previously, the dish was used to preserve seafood. The fermented rice was supposed to prevent the fish from going bad, so you can imagine that no one was eager to eat it. With time, though, people started to use less vinegar and ate the fish together with the rice. The sourness was significantly reduced, the fermentation process being limited to a couple of days. Many people think that sushi has something to do with fish. What you should know is that there is an entire range of dishes and not all of them include fish. The food is also served with cucumber, lemon and other kinds of vegetables.

Today, you are not likely to see a female sushi chef. Interesting enough, women are not allowed to prepare or even serve sushi because they have warmer hands and people were afraid that they would alter the quality and the taste of the Japanese food. That and their perfume. In spite of this old age belief, there are women chefs. While it is true that their number is limited, they know how to do their job and, most importantly, they are leading the way for others. Last but not least, tis i worth mentioning that sushi was far from being fine dining. As a matter of fact, it was a sort of fast food. It was viewed as fast food because you could not eat it with your fingers or chopsticks. People in Japan used to take out sushi and it only became an important source of nutrients in modern times. The modern style was created in the 1800s.

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