What to look for in a good gaming mouse

Anyone can play computer games, but not everyone can be a good gamer. To stand out from the crowd, you need intelligence, dedication and also good tech. You can’t play the latest Call of Duty on an old PC with a mediocre graphics card and you won’t be able to impress anyone if you still use the mouse your bought from the dollar store a couple of years ago. Speaking of mice, did you know that having high-end gaming equipment is just as important as a having a PC with high-end specs? Using the best gaming mouse not only enhances the gaming experience as a whole, but also helps you be better. It’s true that such a gadget retails at a much higher price and you might be worried that you’re not getting your money’s worth, but this checklist will help you make sure you make the best choice.

Speed and resolution accuracy
When looking at the best gaming mouse reviews, you’ll see that speed is usually the first thing mentioned. Without a doubt, a slow mouse won’t get you anywhere. To have the best results, the mouse has to be very responsive and sensitive, especially if you’re playing FPS or MMORPGs. For an entry level option, look for a product that has between 400-1000DPI, because that’s a decent medium value.

Design and ergonomic value
When it comes to design, gaming mice are more impressive than the usual ones. However, you shouldn’t choose a product just by the way it looks. To play faster and to avoid getting tired, you have to pick a mouse with an ergonomic design. This means that you have to determine your mouse grip style and buy something that matches it. There are three main mouse grip techniques, palm, claw and fingertip. Find a mouse that has the right button placement for your particular one. Otherwise, your fingers will get tired and you won’t be able to move quickly.

Materials and build quality
A gaming mouse has to be much more durable than a regular one, because it is exposed to a lot of daily wear and tear. On the one hand, your mouse needs to withstand a large number of clicks per day. On the other hand, it must be made from strong materials that don’t break when you smash the mouse. In terms of texture, it’s better to choose something more rough, that has hold. A smooth mouse looks nice, but it will get slippery when used for hours. Also, don’t forget to check the material at the base of the mouse, because that determines the glide quality.

Extra buttons
Last, but not least, a gaming mouse should have more than a left button, right button and scroll wheel. Extra buttons can be used as shortcuts in the game, so you can move faster. Test a few models to see if the button placement is intuitive and if it matches the games you usually play. Don’t be tempted to buy a mouse that has dozens of additional buttons if you can’t use them.

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